Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport

Ahmedabad, IN


Getting around the airport


Sardar Vallabhai Patel Airport in Ahmedabad is named after the renowned freedom fighter and former Deputy Prime Minister Sardar Vallabhai Patel. Ahmedabad airport is near to both Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. This airport has three main terminals. Sardar Vallabhai Patel airport is the only airport in Western India which is furnished with travelators. Ahmedabad airport assumes the form of kite-shaped patterns from skylights

Terminal 1 : This terminal deals with domestic flights and has two floors. It consists of thirty check-in counters, lounge facilities, luggage reclaim. Terminal 1 offers almost 250 car parking facilities. 

Terminal 2 : This terminal deals with international flights and also consists of a cargo terminal. International terminal consists of four aerobridges and 32 check-in kiosks. Terminal 2 offers 200 car parking facilities. 

Terminal 3 : This terminal is mainly used to serve secondary traffic and Hajj pilgrims. Terminal 3 offers nearly 200 parking facilities as well. 

Transfer between the terminals

An underground corridor connecting both terminals has been designed to assist hassle-free transfer of travelers between the domestic and international terminals.

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Getting into Ahmedabad

Take the Taxi

Pre-paid Taxi

It is advisable to opt for pre-paid taxis like Taxi for Sure. Travelers may book taxi through official website or also download the app from Playstore. Taxi for Sure charges INR 12 for every kilometer. Wide range of options are provided to travelers like Innova, AC cabs, Non-AC cabs etc. Contact number is (079) 60601010.

Another option is Manan Cab, where travelers may book taxi through official website. Contact number is (079) 4007 4007, 9998990601. 

Pre-paid taxi service is available in arrival side, domestic terminal.

Car rental service is available at Arrival side, domestic terminal and is provided by Akbar Train. 

Bus Service

City bus service is limited and frequency of operation is lower. Inter-state bus stand is about eight kilometers from the airport. Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service (AMTS) provides local bus services to the airport. 

Auto service

General auto service is limited and frequency of operation is low. 


Ahmedabad Junction IRCTC code ADI is the nearest station to Ahmedabad airport. Distance from Ahmedabad airport to Ahmedabad railway station is 9.4 kilometer through airport road. Last train from Ahmedabad Junction to Sabarmati Junction is at 18:30. Last train from Sabarmati Junction to Ahmedabad Junction is at 21:20. 

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Two options

Port lounge, International departure terminal

This lounge is situated on the first floor and is open to only ticketed passengers. Traveler need to proceed through ITB departure gate, and straight to the immigration counter and take a left turn to reach this lounge. Travelers can stay in this lounge for maximum of three hours only. Kids below two years are admitted free of cost to this lounge. This lounge is a non-smoking lounge. To please the travelers, this lounge offers a gamut of facilities like AC, Internet access, newspapers and periodicals, soft drinks, telephone and TV. Adults and children (above two years) need to pay INR 1000 or EUR 13.50 to gain access to this lounge. 

Location: Departure terminal, left to the immigration counter
Opening hours: 16:00-22:00 daily

Bica lounge, Domestic departure terminal

This lounge is situated on the first floor and is open to only ticketed passengers. One need to pay INR 1600 to gain access to this lounge. Bica lounge offers basic amenities like food and soft drinks to travelers. 

Contact number : 919825031634
Location: Departure terminal, landside
Opening hours: 05:00-22:00

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Power outlets

Throughout the airport

Free power outlets are available for charging your cellular devices and laptops. The power outlets are available before the baggage and security check as well as after it. The number of outlets are not enough to meet the requirements of all the passengers travelling from domestic airport. 

The scenario is quite different at International terminal where there is a bigger number of power outlets. 

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Save on Your Car Rental

Lowest Price Guaranteed

Rental car services are available in both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Akbar car rental provides wide range of options like Benz, Innova, Fiesta etc. 

Contact number: 022 2346 4444

For more details, please visit the website

Location: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2

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