Indira Gandhi International Airport - DEL

New Delhi, India (IN)

Getting into New Delhi

Take the metro

Taking the metro is the fastest way of getting into the city.

The Delhi Airport Metro Express train line will take you to the New Delhi Metro station in around 25 minutes. Trains run every 15 minutes from 04:45-23:30. 

Tip: If you’re spending time in Delhi, buy a smart card from the customer care desk. Top-up the card to save standing in line to buy tickets and you’ll save 10% on each journey.

Cost: INR 60 for a one-way ticket from the Airport to New Delhi Station and INR 21 for a one-way ticket from the airport to Dwarka Sector 21 
Location: Airport station in Terminal 1 and Terminal 3

Buses are the most common and cheapest way to travel around the city. Delhi Transport Corporation buses run every 30 minutes and connect the airport with central parts of New Delhi.
Location: Terminal 3, 'staging area' opposite to the Centaur Hotel

Taxis are the safest way to get to New Delhi. To order a taxi, go to the pre-paid taxi booths in the arrivals area; they're run by the Delhi police and will issue a voucher for travel to your final destination. You retain the voucher until your arrival and then give it to the taxi driver.

Tip: When you reach your destination, take your luggage first, then give the driver the receipt and ignore any requests by the driver for additional payments.

Cost: INR 20–25 per kilometre
Location: Taxi stands at the arrivals area of Terminal 1, 2 and 3

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Getting around the airport

Three terminals

Delhi's Indira Ghandi International Airport lies 16km south-west of New Delhi city centre. It's the busiest airport in India in terms of passenger and international traffic and is the 10th busiest airport in Asia.

The airport has three terminals:

  • Terminal 1: Used by domestic low-cost carriers such as IndiGo, SpiceJet and GoAir. Terminal 1C is used for arrivals and Terminal 1D is for departures. Terminal 1D has three levels – departure gates on the ground level and security and shops on the main floor. The Plaza Premium Lounge is on the first floor mezzanine, and the food court is on the first floor.
  • Terminal 2: Terminal 2 serves some low-cost carriers that were previously served at Terminal 1, such as GoAir, IndiGo and Spice Jet among others, which moved there due to expanding works in Terminal 1C and 1D. Once Terminal 1 is completed, Terminal 2 will be demolished to build the new Terminal 4. 
  • Terminal 3 is a new terminal, which handles all international flights and some domestic flights. The domestic and international flight areas of the terminal are connected after security for easy transfer in between the two. Security, shops and departure gates are on the main floor. Lounges, food court and work areas are on the first floor to find the lounges. This terminal hosts the airport's Metro train station.
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Sleeping Pods

Rest by the hour in T3

SAMS Snooze at My Space sleeping pods allow travellers in Terminal 3 to get some rest. There is free Wi-Fi available, charging sockets and flat screen TVs. The pods are located opposite boarding gate 17, and rates are USD 12.00/hour for single occupancy and USD 22.00 /hour for double occupancy.

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Sleep, shower or work out

Transit Hotel

The Eaton Smart New Delhi Transit Hotel caters to international and domestic passengers transiting through the airport. You’ll have access to free Wi-Fi, private shower rooms, and a fully equipped fitness centre. Hourly rates and day rooms are available.

The hotel is divided into International and Domestic wings. Follow signage from the Duty Free area for Hotels and Lounges and take Lift 18 or 19 to Level 5 for the International Wing.

For the Domestic Wing, take Lift 7 after security check to Level II – Departures. Walk past airline check-in counter B to locate the hotel.

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Entry within 3 hours of flight

Don’t be too early

International passengers may only enter the terminal building 3 hours prior to the scheduled departure time, however, passengers may use the lounge in the departure drop-off area at the International Departure area (up to 8 hours prior). Bear in mind that you must show a printed e-ticket in order to gain access to the airport.

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Freshen up and energize yourself

Shower & Massage Lounge - The Plaza Premium Lounge

Shower & Massage Lounge offers 12 spacious shower rooms with attached toilets as well as a spa area for foot and full body massages. The lounge is located in Terminal 3 on the Domestic Arrivals Level after baggage reclaim and is equipped with Wi-Fi. The lounge is open 24-hours and a 30-minute shower costs INR 395 (USD 6) while massage services vary in price.

The Plaza Premium Lounge is also open 24-hours and provides access to showers in the international arrivals and departures locations. Rates start at INR 1500 (USD 23) for 2 hours.
The Lounges are in Terminal 1D on the left-hand side of the Mezzanine Level after security and Terminal 3 – just follow the Lounges sign from G/F and take the escalator on your right.
The International Departure lounges are in Terminal 3, Level 4 which can be accessed by taking the lift after the Guardian Pharmacy and on Level 3, which is a 5-minute walk from security – follow the Lounge sign and take the escalator on your left.

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No Cash Points inside International Departures

Dealing with money at DEL

There are no cash points inside international departures as Rupees cannot be removed from India and unless you have an Indian passport, you must pay in US dollars. If you wish to change Rupees back into foreign currency, you must do this before clearing security.

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Terminal 3

  • terminal 3, arrivals area, next to WH Smith.

Besides, there are 12 showers available in the "Shower and Massage" lounge, airside. Hours: available 24 hours.

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Complimentary strollers and play area

Travelling with children

If you’re travelling with young children, the airport offers complimentary strollers at Terminal 1D. Head to the information desk straight ahead after security.

There are also kids’ play areas for younger children after security in all departure terminals.
In Terminal 3 International Departures, the kids’ play area is located on the first floor after the eateries, across from the restrooms.
In Terminal 1 Domestic, the play area is located on the right after security, across from the restrooms near the laptop workstation and Cookie Man restaurant.

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Travelling between terminals

Free shuttle bus every 20 min

A free shuttle bus links Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 every 20 minutes; however, the shuttle is only free for arriving passengers with onward connecting tickets in the other terminals. Otherwise, the public city bus number 4 (INR 25) runs the same route and does not require a flight ticket. Connecting between the terminals requires a detour via a nearby highway, so allow up to 20 minutes to make the transfer.

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